Listening Exercise
Nama: Muhammad Ilham Arifin
Kelas: Sastra Inggris / 3B
NIM: 143211002

1. Skill 1 (Focus on the second line)
Woman : Could you put some more wood in the fireplace?
Man : I have to bring some in from outside.
Narator : What does the man implied?

(A) There’s no more wood inside.
(B) The wood in the fireplace should be put outside.
(C) There’s a fire outside.
(D) He needs to bring some wood outside.

2. Skill 2 (Identify the synonym)
Man : Alice! I thought you working late tonight?
Woman : I was supposed to, but my conference was called off.
Narator : What happened to Alice?
(A) She worked late at a conference.
(B) Her meeting was canceled.
(C) She called a conference at work.
(D) She was late to a conference.

3. Skill 4 (Identify the who, what, where)
Woman : Why do you getting out the water?
Man : But lifeguard motion that we should move in that direction.
Narator : Where does this conversation probably take place?
(A) In a hospital.
(B) At a police station.
(C) At the beach.
(D) In a locker room.

4. Skill 14 (Listen for wishes)
Woman : Did you enjoyed evening at the night club?
Man : I wish there had been more room on the dance floor
Narator : What does the man mean?
(A) There was too much room on the dance floor.
(B) He enjoyed the room where they went dancing.
(C) The dance floor was too crowded.
(D) The club needed more rooms for dancing.

5. Skill 12 (Listen for expressions of uncertainty and suggestion)
Man : I just sent of the letter that you wrote.
Woman : Then you did figure out how to use the fax machine.
Narator : What had the woman asume about a man ?
(A) He could not understand the fax machine.
(B) He wrote the letter that was sent.
(C) The fax machine was easy for him to use
(D) He was not very good with figures.

6. Skill 17 (Idiom)
Woman : I guess that you buy that new car?
Man : And you hit the nail on the head.
Narrator : What does the man mean?
(A) The woman hit her head on a nail.
(B) The woman hit his new car.
(C) The woman was exactly right.
(D) The woman bought the new car.

7. Skill 1 (Focus on the second line)
Woman : Is that your research paper for the English Lit?
Man : Yes, and it's almost fihished. Do you think you could look it up for me?
Narrator : What does the men want?
(A) He would like the woman to help him find his paper.
(B) He wants the woman to put the paper away.
(C) He needs the woman to review the paper.
(D) He would like the woman to write the paper for him.

8. Skill 16 (Listen for two-and three-part verbs)
Man : Has everyone been informed?
Woman : No one is unaware of the situation.
Narrator : What does the woman mean?
(A) Information about the problem is unavailable.
(B) No one has been informed.
(C) Everyone knows what is going on.
(D) Nobody is aware that the problem is serious.

9. Skill 15 (Listen for untrue condition)
Woman : Did you sleep well last night?
Man : If the alarm were not so loud, I would never woken up.
Narrator : What does the man mean?
(A) He did not sleep well.
(B) He never woke up this morning.
(C) The alarm failed to go off.
(D) He needed aloud alarm to wake up.

10. Skill 11 (Listen for expressions of agreement)
Woman : I could not believe the story in the news about the problem with the airplane.
Man : Yeah, I saw it too. The pilot was forced to land the plane a field.
Narrator : What does the man mean?
(A) The pilot made an emergency landing.
(B) The pilot was forced to leave the plane in a hurry.
(C) The pilot fielded questions about the forced landing.
(D) The plane was damaged when it landed forcefully.


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