Listening Exercise
Nama: Muhammad Ilham Arifin
Kelas: Sastra Inggris / 3B
NIM: 143211002

1. Skill 1 (Focus on the second line)
Woman : Could you put some more wood in the fireplace?
Man : I have to bring some in from outside.
Narator : What does the man implied?

(A) There’s no more wood inside.
(B) The wood in the fireplace should be put outside.
(C) There’s a fire outside.
(D) He needs to bring some wood outside.

2. Skill 2 (Identify the synonym)
Man : Alice! I thought you working late tonight?
Woman : I was supposed to, but my conference was called off.
Narator : What happened to Alice?
(A) She worked late at a conference.
(B) Her meeting was canceled.
(C) She called a conference at work.
(D) She was late to a conference.

3. Skill 4 (Identify the who, what, where)
Woman : Why do you getting out the water?
Man : But lifeguard motion that we should move in that direction.
Narator : Where does this conversation probably take place?
(A) In a hospital.
(B) At a police station.
(C) At the beach.
(D) In a locker room.

4. Skill 14 (Listen for wishes)
Woman : Did you enjoyed evening at the night club?
Man : I wish there had been more room on the dance floor
Narator : What does the man mean?
(A) There was too much room on the dance floor.
(B) He enjoyed the room where they went dancing.
(C) The dance floor was too crowded.
(D) The club needed more rooms for dancing.

5. Skill 12 (Listen for expressions of uncertainty and suggestion)
Man : I just sent of the letter that you wrote.
Woman : Then you did figure out how to use the fax machine.
Narator : What had the woman asume about a man ?
(A) He could not understand the fax machine.
(B) He wrote the letter that was sent.
(C) The fax machine was easy for him to use
(D) He was not very good with figures.

6. Skill 17 (Idiom)
Woman : I guess that you buy that new car?
Man : And you hit the nail on the head.
Narrator : What does the man mean?
(A) The woman hit her head on a nail.
(B) The woman hit his new car.
(C) The woman was exactly right.
(D) The woman bought the new car.

7. Skill 1 (Focus on the second line)
Woman : Is that your research paper for the English Lit?
Man : Yes, and it's almost fihished. Do you think you could look it up for me?
Narrator : What does the men want?
(A) He would like the woman to help him find his paper.
(B) He wants the woman to put the paper away.
(C) He needs the woman to review the paper.
(D) He would like the woman to write the paper for him.

8. Skill 16 (Listen for two-and three-part verbs)
Man : Has everyone been informed?
Woman : No one is unaware of the situation.
Narrator : What does the woman mean?
(A) Information about the problem is unavailable.
(B) No one has been informed.
(C) Everyone knows what is going on.
(D) Nobody is aware that the problem is serious.

9. Skill 15 (Listen for untrue condition)
Woman : Did you sleep well last night?
Man : If the alarm were not so loud, I would never woken up.
Narrator : What does the man mean?
(A) He did not sleep well.
(B) He never woke up this morning.
(C) The alarm failed to go off.
(D) He needed aloud alarm to wake up.

10. Skill 11 (Listen for expressions of agreement)
Woman : I could not believe the story in the news about the problem with the airplane.
Man : Yeah, I saw it too. The pilot was forced to land the plane a field.
Narrator : What does the man mean?
(A) The pilot made an emergency landing.
(B) The pilot was forced to leave the plane in a hurry.
(C) The pilot fielded questions about the forced landing.
(D) The plane was damaged when it landed forcefully.

Tugas Subtitling - Muhammad Ilham Arifin 143211002
Tugas Subtitling

Muhammad Ilham Arifin
Sastra Inggris 1A

Teks Subtitle

Gaining strength from sacrifice.|That was the decision I was willing to make, I'm just not the guy that you once admire.
When you challenge Ren, I saw the truth.
I wouldn't be able to defeat you. You were too good.
But soon the "Reverse" came to me.
It's full of force. I can feel it.
I give in... I needed it.
That was the one way|I can became your equal.
This is over.
We've come to the end.
Our last cardfight.
Behold the unit my soul is tied to.
Bow before the master of flames|eternal, burn this world to ash!
Now I ride... the vanguard!
Dragonic Overlord!
Broughnout... attacks Phallon!
I guard!
And by Overlord, get him there!
Checking the twin drive.
Got it. Critical Trigger.
Nehalem gains 5000 power,
the critical stays with Dragonic Overlord.
Damage trigger... check!
Heal trigger.
The power to... Blaster Blade.
And then I recover one.
Let's go, Nehalem strikes!
I guard!
I end my turn.
Oh, Dragonic Overlord.
This must mean that... Kye's gotten serious.
He sure has.
Actually, the guy's always pretty serious.
That's something you can count on.
It looks like they're|both playing their parts.
I think I just got a glimpse of|Blaster Blade flying through the air.
I'm worried.
He'll be fine.
This is so awesome,|yet maybe dangerous.
But I wish I was there,|watching them up close.
I'm with you.
In any other situation,|this will be a match of a lifetime.
It's a shame.
You can return from the darkness.
It's not too late for you!
Before you leaves... stop lying to yourself, Kye!
You think that this fight is about saying goodbye.
That's not what I agreed to.
I want you to come back to our side.
Wake up from this nightmare!
Descending on the wings of nobility,
restore wings to befallen!
I ride!
Liberator of Bonds, Ganceloth Zenith!
With the help from my paladins, I can prove you wrong!
Marron, take down Broughnout!
Gancelot attacks!
Boosted by Zorron, Phallon is charging in!
I end my turn.
#Lagu diambil dari dengan sedikit perubahan
Break your spell, Vanguard!
the darkness is spreading
In a night where the thunder echoes,
a new legend is born
We're afraid of an unseen tomorrow
We're no longer able to move but
Get up, right now!
We'll release it, go towards the sky
Our fate has come to test us
We bear a fang against the darkness of despair
Inside of the storm, awaken your eyes
We'll break through, even if we end up injured
Brave the storm, Vanguard!
Let's chase after the wind!
Take off to the world that's within our grasp,
fly off to where it's felt
Ride on, Vanguard!
When the goddess of victory is smiling
until that moment it won't end
Wake up, the world
to the future where it all ends
Something that tries to devour us; the maze
even still, don't lose the hope you have
At the end of all sorrow
Our trembling hearts, but it's still seeking,
seeking for something!
Brave the storm, Vanguard!
There's nothing to waver about
Within the wind that starts to rise
We make sure of our future
Ride on, Vanguard!
This burning-up challenge
It makes us feel moved
Once again, for your smile
I'll make sure to restore it
Break your spell, Vanguard!
the darkness is spreading
A night where the thunder echoes,
a new legend is born!
Brave the storm, Vanguard!
Let's chase after the wind
Take off to the world that's within our grasp,
fly off to where it's felt
Ride on VANGUARD!!

Detective Conan 050 Remastered (Sub Indonesia)
Jadi... sekarang ane lagi tetarik banget sama anime ini, dan ane biasanya hunting Remaster Detektif Conan.
Enjoy! Tranlation dari ane :D!YlZC3ABI!FXRZ19cmtj1KZg4XYwmCp7vMCVOwNUGyB75p3OSfYPM

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Digimon Xros Wars Hunters 03 Sub file Indo
Source :
Subfile :


Digimon Xros Wars 2 Indo Subtitle
Source :
Source (Kalo mau hemat Bandwith) :
Subtitle Indo :

I uploaded "WE ARE XROS HEART" with English Subtitle on youtube


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